Project Specifications

In the first segment, water is delivered from Bandar-Abbas Desalination Facility and the pumped toward Golgohar Mines at Sirjan via a steel transmission line of a nominal inner diameter of 1600 mm. This line includes 7 pumping stations consuming a total power of 125 MW to reach a total pumping head of 2400 m (water column).

Along the first segment (300 km long), water is pumped at 4 m3/s from an elevation of 0 (MSL) at Bandar-Abbas desalination facility to an elevation of 1800 m from MSL at Golgohar Area.

The first segment of the water transmission project comprises of the following independent operation centers:

  • Path making for the transmission line and constructing access roads and technical buildings, including
    • Making the path from Bandar-Abbas to Golgohar Area (300 km)
    • Excavation and laying the transmission line at an approximate excavation volume of 16 million m3
    • Constructing service road along the line, along which machineries can move
  • Water transmission line

This part of the project is also 300 km in length and includes the following activities:

  • Procurement of all of the required equipment for the water transmission line including valves, pipe, coating, and isolation as well as power equipment and instrumentations
  • Construction of piping using pipes of 1600 mm in inner diameter, all of which are designed to be made of steel at three grades: ST37, ST52, X60.
  • Pumping stations and tanks
    • In order to pump the water along the line, a total of 7 pumping stations are proposed along with their concrete storage tanks, a balance tank, and a storage tank at the end of the line. Moreover, other auxiliary buildings will be constructed at each station to accommodate disinfection facilities, surge tanks, central control building, administrative buildings, warehouses, and securities.
  • Facilities and equipment of power post-distribution and transmission system
    • High-voltage substations including:
      • Seven 132 and 63 kV post-distribution substations at the 7 pumping stations
      • A 230 kV post-distribution substation at Bandar-Abbas Industrial District and a 400 kV post-distribution substation at Rezvan Area
    • Power transmission lines include:
      • High-voltage power distribution by constructing 150 km of power transmission lines at 63, 132, 230, and 400 kV capacities.