Project generalities (first segment)

The first segment of the water transmission pipeline starts from water desalination facilities in west of Bandar-Abbas and runs toward Golgohar Mines in Sirjan at an elevation of about 1805 m above MSL. General properties of the first segment are tabulated as follows :

Path making

Excavation and construction of an operation band of 30 m in width and 300 km in length with an approximate volume of 16 million m3


A pipeline of 1600 mm in diameter and 300 km in length from Bandar-Abbas Pumping Station to Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex site

Pumping station

7 stations

Storage and balance tanks

Four 20,000 m3 storage tanks at Pumping Stations 2-5

Tow 15,000 m3 storage tanks at Pumping Stations 6 and 7

A 45,000 m3 storage tank at Golgohar Area

A 20,000 m3 balance tank between Pumping Stations 4 and 5

Power substation and transmission line

7 post-distribution substations at the 7 pumping stations

Two post-distribution substations at Bandar-Abbas and Haji-Abad Industrial Districts

High-voltage electricity distribution by constructing power transmission lines