Path and characteristics of different segments of the project

This project starts from west of Bandar Abbas City at the desalination facilities and goes northward to cross highs of Fin and Haji-Abad Cities before entering a plain area from where it is further extended toward Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex at 50 km to the souths west of Sirjan. It is the extended toward Sarcheshmeh Copper Mines in south of Rafsanjan (Kerman Province) and then heads toward Yazd Steel Industries and Chadormalu Industrial Complex.

First segment:       from desalination facility in west of Bandar-Abbas to the vicinity of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex (300 km)

Second segment:   from of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex to Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex at Rafsanjan (135 km)

Third segment:      from Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex to Yazd Steel Industries (Ardakan Area) and a branch to Chadormalu Mining Complex (340 km)