Pillars of the plan

Client: Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Company. This company has been assigned by Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company, Sarcheshmeh Copper Company, and Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company to construct a pipeline from Persian Gulf to each of these companies.

Plan management: As a fourth party, Yekom Consulting Engineers Co. carries out some of the client’s responsibility.

Consultant: Toossab Company serves as the designer and surveils the project construction.

Contractor of the first segment: Industries Water Transmission Pipeline Construction Company (IWTPCC). This company has been registered with its shares held by the parties participating the consortium, i.e. Fakoor Sanat Tehran Company, Asfalt Tous Company, Machine Sazi Vijeh Company, Tivnergy Company, and Fulmen Company. As the project corporate, this company carries out the responsibility of fulfilling the obligations set forth in the contract of the first segment.

In addition to the pillars, as per client’s decision, some of its surveillance responsibilities have been assigned to Persian Gulf Water Quality Engineering and Support Company