Objectives of the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project

A major portion of Iranian mines, including iron ore and copper mines, are located in southeast of the country, especially in Hormozgan, Kerman, and Yazd Provinces. As of now, large development projects are undergoing within the scope of mining industries, such as production and processing plans for iron ore, concentrate, sintering, steel manufacturing, and copper extraction and processing.

In order to supply water demands of existing facilities and address the demands by undergoing development plans across the region, Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co., Iran National Copper Industry Co., and Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co. has undertook a plan to desalt sea water in west of Bandar-Abbas before transmitting the water to the consumption sites. For this purpose, Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Company was established to lead and manage this large project.

In the first phase, 110 million m3 of sea water is planned to be desalted and then transmitted to consumption sites (Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, and Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Complex) via a 750 km-long pipeline. The Water Transmission Pipeline from Persian Gulf to Southeastern Iranian Industries Project is designed to be implemented in three segments.


Volume of water

(million m3 per year)

Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex


Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex


Yazd (Chadormalu Complex and other industries


Other uses