Contract information

In order to construct first segment of the project, as client, Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Company signed a PCF (procurement, construction, and finance) contract with the contractor in 2014. Upon this contract, the contractor was responsible for procuring all of the required equipment and construct all parts of the project. Furthermore, a major portion of the responsibility for raising required funds for constructing the first segment was carried by the contractor. The contract was signed on June 7, 2014 and the contractor started early works on June 10, 2014. Once the conditions of the contract were met, it was enforced on April 20, 2016, when the contractor was notified of such an enforcement

Contract No. and communication date 93/Q/230 dated on June 3, 3014
Contract subject Procurement, purchase, manufacture, transport, construct and installation, test, start-up and 1-year pilot operation of the entire set of equipment for pumping stations, power post-distribution substations, water transmission line, and power transmission lines
Contract term 48 month including 36 months of construction and 12 month of operation
Early works agreement date June 7, 2014
Contract enforcement date May 10, 2016
Initial contract price (IRR) 3,530,545,999,988 IRR + 248,538,509 Euros
Financial providers National Development Fund / Tejarat Bank, Agriculture Bank